Meet Courtney

about me

My name is Courtney and I am the owner of the floral & calligraphy company, The Flower Press, based in central Pennsylvania. I started the Flower Press in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2015 after attending the Little Flower School Brooklyn. I am passionate about creating romantic, nature - inspired floral design to enliven a space and bring more beauty to a special event.

ethos on flowers

Floral creations are so ephemeral.

They are also one of the only artistic mediums that start out beautiful, before even beginning, and in that sense, I find a certain level of intimidation.

To somehow take an unmatchable beauty and create something even greater, in order to bring an event space to life, to transform a home, to be held by a bride. This is the, equal parts, beauty & challenge of floral work.

Floral photography by Mountain Gap Photography and Lefont Events
Journal photography by Courtney Di Trolio