Our Little Tribe


I’m feeling incredibly nostalgic this time of year.

When I think of today, one year ago, I remember all of the chaos, the lack of sleep, the basement full of flowers, and the rest of our house full of napkins and place cards and signs and menus and an unbelievable amount of pretty things crowding every corner of the house.

But an even more profound memory than all of the to-do’s we were up against is this deep feeling of thankfulness and warmth that seemed to enclose our entire wedding week. It is so overwhelming that it’s hard to express in words. But our tribe of people came together, so many hands from so many different places and seasons of life, and they all played a part. The warmth and beauty of our wedding would not have been possible without all of those hands and hearts who were present.

Our wedding ceremony - every song sung, every seat filled, every photograph taken, every meal served, each flower placed - it just evokes in me a massive amount of gratitude and love.

Photos: Nico Sedano

Floral photography by Mountain Gap Photography and Lefont Events
Journal photography by Courtney Di Trolio